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Pharmacy Benefit Management That Fits

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to enjoy the advantages of a dedicated pharmacy benefits management program. VativoRx serves middle market companies, Third Party Administrators, Hospice Organizations, small and large employer groups, government, and HMOs with pharmacy benefits management custom-designed to address the unique needs and goals of each organization and its members. More than a benefits processor, VativoRx designs and manages prescription benefit programs that provide cost savings to your organization and members on formulary and non-formulary drugs, that accommodate patients with advanced formulary and distribution options, and that deliver services through technologically superior systems. Our promise: a blend of fiduciary responsibility and sensitivity to your members’ comfort and concerns for a powerful influence on your drug prescription program.

Making the world a better place, one prescription at a time

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  • Eligibility Verification

  • Online Electronic Claims Processing

  • Pharmacy Network Management

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  • Innovation and Technology

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When managing medicine becomes a headache

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