Local, Mail Order and Specialty

We manage a network of local and national pharmacies that includes large national chains: CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, etc. We operate our own mail order pharmacy, providing access to all formulary and specialty drugs, delivering convenient delivery and substantial discounts to the organization and its members, including the elimination of member co-pays.

VativoRx Specialty is a full service institutional pharmacy specializing in servicing clinics, private patients and nursing homes, board and care homes. We offer a complete range of pharmaceutical and internal nutrition products. VativoRx Specialty pharmacists actively participate in the supervision of each patient’s medication regimen by monitoring for potential adverse effects, including drug-drug and drug-food interaction.

By providing this type of preventive care, our pharmacists help to assure the highest standards of drug efficacy, especially in chronic disease management and long-term care. VativoRx Specialty provides services such as blister-card drug packing and computerized medication records, and offers our clients better ways to audit compliance and identify medication problems.

VativoRx Specialty works with you as a partner each step of the way, making sure that each prescription is not only filled correctly, but is taken correctly and works correctly.